Veitch Historical Society




"We Always Extend Our Fame by Our Deeds"

Veitch Historical Society Scholarship

Scholarship Criteria and Procedures

  1. Scholarship Criteria
    1. If you are under 21, your parent(s) must be a current member of the VHS. If 21 or older, you must be a member of VHS.
    2. Have a cumulative Grade point Average of 2.0 for High School applicants; 2.5 for College Undergraduates and 3.0 for College Graduate Students.
    3. Be accepted by an accredited College, University, Business, Vocational or Technical School.
    4. Research your ancestry in the volumes of “We Veitches, Veatches, Veaches, Veeches”.
    5. Complete the Scholarship Application, showing four preceding generations of your Veitch, etc ancestors.
    6. Select one Veitch (any spelling of the name), from your lineage, who you admire and write a paragraph about that person, explaining why you have selected that person.
  1. Procedures for Applicants
    1. Submit the completed Application Form to the current Veitch Historical Society President, postmarked no later than May 1st, or eMailed PDF’s (President of record, not other Officers or VHS Members).
    2. Submit an essay, addressing your need for the funds, your intended course of study, your intended vocation and why you have chosen that vocation. Please describe briefly how you intend to meet your school expenses and whether you will be employed during the school year.
    3. Include a transcript of the previous year’s completed schoolwork with the application.
  1. Award Procedure
    1. The VHS Scholarship Committee accepts donations and raises money each year to be put into the Scholarship Fund. The Society reserves the right to grant or deny awards, based upon available funds.
    2. When the deadline for submission of the scholarship applications has passed, the applications will be sent to the Scholarship Committee, which will meet and decide to whom and in what amount(s) scholarship(s) will be awarded. Award(s) are limited to one per family.
    3. Scholarship(s) will be awarded only one year at a time. An individual may reapply in successive years. However, priority will be given to those applicants who have not previously received an award.
    4. Scholarship awards may be paid by a check made payable to the a) individual and b) the Financial Department of the school.
    5. Scholarship Committee to pay an award in increments over terms of the school year, with each successive term’s payments depending upon the successful completion of the preceding term.


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